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This page provides a list of archives and special collections where you will find information and materials related to the history of the Jewish community in Bodzentyn. The quick links to the other websites will open in a new window.

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Article in Polish: > The local history of Bodzentyn at Polin Wirtualny Shtetl: Historia miejscowości

Article in Polish: > Gminy Żydowskie 1918-1939 Bodzentyn 

Extra resources: > In the History section of the Site, you will find more archival documents and collections

Extra resources (accessed 4 July 2021): > | List of 40 survivors

Extra resources (accessed 7 July 2021): > | List of survivors

Extra resources (accessed 4 July 2021): > | AKTA MIASTA BODZENTYN (SYGN.126) Selected Records of the City Bodzentyn | 2016.27.1, RG‐15.431M | Arranged in five series:

1. Taxes in municipalities, the resolutions of municipal meetings and municipal council, 1926-1930.

2. The minutes of the revision of the economic and accounting in Bodzentyn and the reports on the implementation of recommendations, 1932-1933

3. A list of landowners taxable in the municipality Bodzentyn in 1920

4. Registers of villagers Bodzentyn 1810-1945.

5. The lists are births, marriages and deaths in parishes: Bodzentyn, Debno, Tarczek and Wzdół Rządowy, and synagogue district of Bodzentyn, 1923.


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