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This page provides a list of open educational resources related to the history of the Jewish community in Bodzentyn. The quick links to the other websites will open in a new window. Please note the list of inspiring projects below.

We are looking for inspiration and ideas! If you know about more websites, tools, or other resources that you consider useful, please share them with us!

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Inspiring projects related to Bodzentyn Polish Jewry

Interviews of older people in Bodzentyn about the Jewish community (early 21st century) | Jewish Institute of History in Warsaw

> Dawid Rubinowicz Days (Dni Dawida Rubinowicza) 2008 2009 | 2010 | 2012  | 2022

> | The Holocaust in the Eyes of  Polish Youth (p. 3) (2008)

> | Youth and teachers from Israel in Kielce (2010)

> | How to teach about the Holocaust (2010)

> | Cooperation between Swedish and Polish schools (2010)

EU Project: Preserving and Presenting Holocaust Survivor Testimonies (2012–2014) | The Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism

Inspiring lesson plans that can be modified and applied to sources related to Bodzentyn Polish Jewry

> | Rescue Hiding Online Lesson | Example: Could be applied for > Goldie Szachter's testimony

> | Survivor Testimony Resources | Example: Could be used for the testimonies on this Site

> | Study various memorials and monuments and reflect on how we choose to remember history | Example: Could be applied for reflections on > the memorial created at the Jewish cemetery in Bodzentyn

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