"As I read, I can hear my Mom, of blessed memory, saying the same stories, i.e. going to Public School and then to cheder. Also, in her house, I believe Yiddish was the primary language, although Mom spoke Polish, of course, and learned to speak, write and read Hebrew in cheder. Mom also told of not being able to walk on the sidewalk as the Nazis gained power and antisemitism became more public and accepted […] I have finished reading the comparative story of Dawid’s Diary. It is very moving and informative. I look forward to reading more of this history; it reconnects me to my Mom and the suffering she and the other Jews and some non-Jews went through."

- Descendant of the Bodzentyn Jewish community

"I read with great interest, grief and sorrow. The portrait you have painted helps round out the details of a very dark picture. Apart from the references to my father, I was not aware of any aspects of the story you have written. I am very grateful to you for that, and again, for your entire labour. The work is not only important. It is holy work."


"The website about this town is magnificent. I only wish that the information you have obtained would have been available 30 years ago and shared with all of the people whose ancestors lived in this town and emigrated to Toronto and other North American cities."

- R. B.

"This project goes far beyond education. It expresses emotions—spiritual feelings engendered by the real promise that two cultures who melded over a thousand years yet remained apart are growing closer to true tolerance and amity."

- David Cohen

"The site makes me feel connected to where my family came from."

- S. G.

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